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Great handcrafted goods based in Norfolk

Are you looking for a store that only sells quality products? If so, Thimbles &Thumbs is the place to go. We are currently based in Norfolk where we are establishing ourselves as the first choice in all baby products. If you would like to learn more about what we have to provide, please call us on +441692615674.

Our range of products

Our mission is to make our store a first and final stop for customers in need of baby products. We aim to satisfy our customers without them having to go elsewhere. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to be versatile and have a whole range of baby products available to order. We have a shopping-friendly environment, as you can easily find what you need. For example, product sections are well labelled to guide customers towards what they need. Orders are happily taken for all our products. Please contact by phone or email for details.h


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Price List

Burp Cloths


Large, shaped Burp Cloths, designed to fit comfortably on your shoulder. Made of 100% cotton flannel and lined with cotton towelling. Some are made from polyester fabric and cotton towelling. Please state your preference when ordering.

Dribble Bibs


Dinky little bibs for your little bundle. Made of 100% cotton and lined with Terry towelling. Some are made from polyester and cotton towelling . Please state your preference when ordering. Closures are plastic snaps in a toning colour.



Beautiful bibs with a toning pocket. These bibs are of an ample size for catching anything that baby chooses to drop down his or herself.



Soft and cuddly blankets to keep baby snuggly and warm. Made of a luxuriously soft fleece lined with 100% cotton flannel.



The price for this product starts from £20 depending on the size and style. All quilts are made with 100% cotton.

Baby Bundles


1 Quilt, 3 Burp Cloths and 3 Dribble Bibs. Items may be changed around. Please contact for prices.

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